NeWater Center

i) A tiny island surrounded by saltwater, natural sources of drinking water are rare in Singapore – and now with a population of 6,000,000 there’s a downright shortage. The Singapore government has historically solved this problem by importing water from their northern neighbour Malaysia, but advancements in water purification technology have given them an alternative.

Land Transport Authority Gallery

i) Land Transport in Singapore has evolved over the years and at each stage, we are constantly faced with different challenges. At present, our challenge is to build a sustainable transport system that is inclusive and able to support a vibrant Singapore well into the future.

Students will embark on an experiential journey from the past, present, and future of Singapore’s land transport system through a 1 hour guided tour by a LTA gallery staff.

Singapore Maritime Gallery

i) Sail into Singapore’s maritime beginnings and discover how this quiet little island transformed into one of the world’s leading International Maritime Centres.
Take learning outside the classroom! Singapore Maritime Gallery provides engaging experiences that speaks to the natural curiosity of children. Students from all institutions to explore and learn about Singapore maritime history.

Singapore City Gallery

i) Opened in 1999, the Singapore City Gallery tells the story of Singapore’s physical transformation over the past 50 years.  Make time for highlights like the panoramic sights and sound show, A Day in Singapore or be awed by the architectural models or the various interactive and experiential exhibits in the gallery