Distribution - ALS Asia




Wholesaler & Exclusive Publisher Distributorship

We have partnered with world-renowned organizations such as Bookazine Inc in the US to distribute and supply a comprehensive range of publications to the retail and consumer market within the Asia Pacific. We are the one stop shop for our wholesale partners in this region to purchase all types of publications – from children’s fiction through to academic titles. We have formed a partnership and have been awarded a contract by the National Library Board of Singapore to be on their panel of selected vendors to source and supply English print materials.

In addition, ALS has also secured an exclusive partnership for the following publishers:


Tulika Press: Thanks to partnerships with individuals and organizations committed to furthering the cause of children’s books in inventive ways, the reach of our books has steadily extended. The focus of these enriching collaborations is to consolidate and raise the quality of reading resources for children, in different languages from English to all other Indian languages.


Open Book: a Cambodian publisher with titles written by Cambodian and other Asian authors focusing on Asian stories including non-fiction titles.


Kitaab International: Headquartered in Singapore, Kitaab International Pte Ltd provides a rich Asian focused publishing platform to emerging and seasoned writers, and offers a slew of services, ranging from copyediting to publishing, designing and printing, and media and consultancy services.