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Educational Tour

At ALS Asia, we believe travel and learning go hand in hand. We work directly with institutions that have got the same mission and vision to deliver an unforgettable and  innovative experiential travel program for groups of all ages

Our local knowledge and network help open doors to inaccessible opportunities, creating interactive and empowering experiences that are life-changing for our clients

We pride ourselves on traveling sustainably and providing the highest level of service ensuring safety at all times. Our team of dedicated education specialist is there to ensure every educational trip with ALS Asia shall be an unforgettable one


Adventurous Wildlife Reserve Tour

We specialize in educational and adventure tours for those who are interested in discovering the biodiversity of our rich environment


This Heritage tour brings you through the architectural brilliance of Singapore’s past and present as we visit colonial and cultural districts like Chinatown, Geylang Serai Malay

School Exchange Program

Our focus is on groups of young leaders and students. Each tour is customized to the group’s interests and enables you to have fun and adventure.