Educational Tour

Adventurous Wildlife Reserve Tour

We specialise in educational and adventure tours for those who are interested in discovering the biodiversity of our rich environment in Singapore and in our neighbouring countries like Malaysia, with a short trip to their WildLife Reserve.

We have opportunities for our students to experience in the conservation activities

We can organise trips with our partners in Malaysia to engage in programmes which are carefully tailored to introduce the diverse cultures of Singapore and Malaysia,  in order to enrich student’s experience and give them a foundation of hands on learning whilst travelling

1  We work closely with school teachers and educators to create innovative programmes that allow students to explore their unique heritage in a fun and engaging way. All participants will come to know that there is an untouched Wildlife Reserve almost the size of Singapore, just one and half hour’s journey from Kuala Lumpur.

2  Great opportunity to know the work of PERHILITAN (Department of Wildlife & National Parks) carrying out conservation activities.

3  During the hike into the nature trail, students get to see some of the costliest hardwood trees such as Meranti, Cenggai, Pulai and Tualang trees with natural beehives on top (flowering season).

4  Participants can look at the various wild herbal plants while tracking into the nearby trail called the Sumber Asli Trail.

5  Visit to the HQ’s Museum and the Interpretive Centre will be an eye-opener for all as it gives participants a first-hand look at the animal’s morphology, size, modified feet, skin colour, teeth, and mouth parts.

6  If luck is there participants might get to hear animal calls. However, the call of hornbills or Siamiang can be heard regularly through the thick canopy.

7  Students learn about the three tribes of Orang Asli staying within the park. They are allowed to hunt but only for food.

8  Taman Negara and Krau Wildlife Reserve are the only remaining areas of lowland forest in Peninsular Malaysia which are relatively untouched and home to a large portion of Malaysia’s totally protected species.

9  Students get an opportunity to see posters with bullet points on Kuala Lompat within this reserve, an important wildlife research station. Since the 1920’s local and international scientist have been carrying out research on threatened animals here in Kuala Lompat.

10  The brave ones will have the opportunity to touch and feel live animals in Deer Land.