Library Services - ALS Asia



Providing library services with our affiliated company Advance Library Services since 1999.



We are a sourcing partner to libraries and information centers in supplying print and non-print materials. We work with publishers from US, UK, Australia as well with publishers from ASEAN to collate a comprehensive list of English & Chinese print and non-print for library’s collections. Our experienced staff works closely with the publishers and distributors to keep abreast with the forthcoming publications and alert our librarians well in advance so that the libraries are well primed to serve their patrons.

We have qualified personnel with library science qualifications who work very closely with publisher’s database to make recommendations to librarians for their selections. Our staff is well qualified with over 50 years collectively in working in the book industry to have the accumulated experiences in identifying the library’s collection needs.


We offer a full and comprehensive range of processing services customized to the needs of our customers which includes physical processing and providing processing materials that are suited to library’s needs. We provide customized physical processing that are designed to individual library needs including RFiDs and spine labels for all print materials. We also avail to libraries outsourcing of their backend processing at a competitive price.


Our professional librarian qualified cataloguers provide new MARC records, clone and copy cataloguing for English and Chinese print and non-print materials.

We work closely with OCLC to check libraries catalogue database holdings and upload records to ensure the integrity of records are in accordance to OCLC standards. Our cataloguers are also qualified to provide metadata cataloguing records for digital collections as well as for audio visual materials such as CDs, DVDs and Audio books just to name a few. We also provide at competitive pricing backlog activities that are outsourced by libraries for all print and non-print materials.

ALS has undertaken many cataloguing projects from institutions and public libraries for English & Chinese collections:

  • 2005
  • Cataloguing of 500 books and Annual Reports for Ministry of Community Development,Youth & Sports
  • Cataloguing of 300 books for Data Storage Institute
  • Cataloguing of 5000 DVDs and Music CDs for NLB
  • Cataloguing of 50 English and Chinese Serials & Microfilms
  • Cataloguing of Ephemera for NLB
  • Source, Supply and Cataloguing of English and Chinese print and non-print materials for Hua Song Museum
  • 2006
  • Source, Supply & Catalogue for NLB Performing Arts collections ( DVDs, Music CDs)
  • Cataloguing of Books, CD-Roms and Software DVDs for Data Storage Institute
  • Cataloguing of Serials for NLB
  • 2007
  • Creation of 6000 Metadata Records for NLB Registry
  • Source, supply & catalogue 4500 audiobooks for NLB
  • Source and supply Chinese audio visual materials for NLB
  • Cataloguing of DVDs, VHS, and Music CDs for the Performing Arts Library@the Esplanade
  • Cataloguing of Serials for NLB
  • Providing LC Classification Nos of 10,000 print materials for Singapore Polytechnic
  • Cataloguing of Electronic Resources for DSI Resource Centre.
  • 2008
  • Cataloguing Serials for NLB
  • Cataloguing of Monographs, Serials, AudioVisual for MCYS
  • 2013
  • Sourcing, Supply and Catalogue of 50,000 print materials of English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil for Sutera Mall Project in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.