Our Portfolio - ALS Asia



Public Libraries

    • ALS won various NLB public tenders to source & supply print and audio visual collections including physical processing for its collections. ALS also provided cataloguing services, with full MARC records for both English print and  audio visual collections. This includes the following public libraries:
    • 1999 – The Woodlands Regional Library: 44,000 reference collections:
      ALS won it’s 1st NLB public library and collaborate with an overseas library vendor; Blackwell Co. UK.  We are to source & supply 44,000 reference collections for the Woodlands Regional Library. Our collection development staff worked closely with our overseas partner Blackwell Co.UK and its subsidiary in US; Academic Books Corp to collate listings of reference titles. NLB’s librarians specialized in reference selections, their selections are based on the recommended title listing in order to meet the tight deadline to complete the project
    • 2000 – Marine Parade Community Library: 10,000 audio-visual collections
    • 2001 – Pasir Ris Community Library: 10,000 audio-visual collections  & 5000 serial collections
    • 2002 – The Performing Arts Community @ Esplanade: 10,000 music scores, 25,000 print & 15,000 audio-visual materials:
      ALS worked closely with the librarians in curating a comprehensive list of titles from the wide areas on performing arts discipline. We visited publishers and distributors in Australia, China, India, Southeast Asia, United Stated of America, United Kingdom to source for relevant titles. This is to ensure the special collections were made available for the performing arts fraternity. The Performing Arts Community Library opened in 2002, much to the fanfare and appreciation from the arts fraternity community. The collections were comprehensive to meet the needs of the patrons, who includes theater practitioners as well as budding artistes. ALS worked with Asian publishers located in China, India and Southeast Asia to source for the print collections that were relevant to the Asian performing arts community’s needs. The Performing Arts Community Library @ The Esplanade, where ALS participated in 2002 with the librarians,  in collecting a wide list of titles from various publishers from the West to the East.  This is to ensure the 1st library for NLB that specialized in performing arts fraternity were well stocked with comprehensive collections of print and audio-visual materials, so as to meet the needs of patrons from performing art community consisting of  professional artistes from the wider arts community
    • 2011 – Global Outsourcing Tender Award: Partnering Coutts-Ingram as a member of panel of vendors
    • 2013 – 1st Overseas library in Johor Bahru, Malaysia @ Sutera Mall. Source & supply print collections in all four languages – Chinese, English, Malay & Tamil
    • 2017 – ALS won the NLB’s 2nd global outsourcing public library tender award: NLB published a new tender, together ALS and Bookazine Inc formed a consortium partnership. One of the largest wholesaler in US, we were awarded a 8 years contract which commenced effectively in October 2017 to source & supply English print collections, including Singapore & Southeast Asia print collections. ALS also provides full MARC cataloguing records and undertook collection development services to curate the titles before uploading to NLB’s database for their selections.  
    • ALS continue to be successful in its public tender bids for other open day collections for NLB’s Public Library and Community Libraries in shopping malls. With the diverse collection requirement needs, ALS were able to expand its expertise in building its network of publishers and distributors from all over the world, to source for print collections that are well curated based on NLB’s collection policy, and to suit the needs of the libraries to serve its immediate community






ALS also were awarded contracts from 2011 to be a member of the panel of vendors for the Polytechnic Consortium consisting of Singapore Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic to supply academic collections specifically aligned with individual polytechnic’s curriculum. This gave our collection development staff to widen their scope to establish contacts with academic publishers to recommend titles to the acquisition librarians from the consortium members including the faculty members to identify their teaching needs.

MOE Primary & Secondary schools

We also have established our sales and marketing efforts to reach out to primary and secondary schools teachers to recommend titles that are relevant for the school libraries. We also provide physical processing of books which are customize to individual school needs..

Junior Colleges

We also visit Junior Colleges to liaise with faculty and its library to attend to the lecturer’s requests for titles based on their subjects. We organise book display at the college’s premise so to allow lecturers to browse and select titles that eventually goes to the library collections.